Saturday 12th January 2013

Fridays final skiing lesson ended rather abruptly and the result is I am now hobbling about with a damaged calf muscle and can't go skiing for another 30 days according to the doctor!

Thursday afternoon and evening saw heavy snow falls and the pistes we had been learning and progressing on for the past four days had changed beyond all recognition. The snow was still falling, it was very deep, soft and, as at 9am, had not yet been skied on by hoards of excited (and more importantly experienced) skiers and snowboarders. It was very difficult for me, as a beginner, to put what I had learnt the previous days into practice. Our instructor took us to the top of a blue run that I was very apprehensive about going down. I really should have listened to my instinct. The first two falls were disconcerting but I managed to get up and carry on, but I landed awkwardly on the third fall, felt my muscle 'pop' and struggled for some time to get my ski's off in the deep snow. I finally managed to get up and hobbled down to the bottom of the Combe run.

I got a Bronze badge and a signed test logbook from our instructor - hopefully for my efforts Monday - Thursday not for my disastrous fall on Friday!  


  1. Oh poor you - hope you're hobbling around the chalet ok?! Lots of love s and w xx