It's electrifying!!

Cooking a 3 course meal every day for 20 people has been a 'challenge' on 2 small domestic ovens - neither of which were new or in great condition (broken seals, missing trays etc) however on Thursday morning, just after putting 3 chocolate cakes in the main oven, there was a loud hiss, flash and puff of black smoke. The cooker was well and truly dead! A replacement cooker was purchased later that day and the electrician turned up the following evening, wired it up and I now have a shiny new oven to get the hang of.

French electrics are 'interesting' - reminds us a bit of our former days in Turkey where you often took your life in your hands switching on lights or using sockets. However that was over 20 years ago - the electrics in France today don't seem that different to what we experienced then. The international 'shrug of the shoulders' seems to imply that you just have to accept things as they are. Below is a picture of the ceiling light in our little studio apartment.......


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