Thursday 24th January 2013

We had driven around Lake Annecy on our way to Les Carroz  in December but hadn’t spent any time in the town itself. Arriving late (9.30pm!) at the Aire on the lakeside wasn’t a problem and we quietly reversed into one of the 10 campervan parking spaces at this Aire in amongst another 4 vans already parked up. A ‘rules and regulations’ sign indicates vans can only stay 1 night here - I imagine spaces are very hard to come by in the summer months. 

After a nice lie in we walked the mile or so into the town along the lakeside passing various rowing and sailing clubs. With the temperature hovering around freezing we were surprised to see one solitary and hardy rowing crew out on the water. Sticking our noses into one of the rowing club buildings we had earlier noticed an indoor training pool complete with an ‘integrated’ rowing boat  – seemed like a much more sensible option to me!!

The old town of Annecy reminded me the Mailbox area of central Birmingham with a myriad of shops and restaurants lining the two ‘canals’ and pretty bridges criss-crossing the area. We’ll probably go back in the spring and spend more time walking around the town when it livens up a bit.

We drove on around the western side of the lake taking a circular route back to Les Carroz - sadly we will soon have exhausted all the places we can manage to get to on a day off! We always enjoy ‘getting out’ of the resort in the campervan though just for a change of scenery – looks like the ladies in this old photo of Lake Annecy aren’t too impressed with their mode of transport around the lake!!


  1. Thanks - we treated ourselves to a digital Canon EOS camera complete with 3 lenses specially for the trip. Really enjoying being able to take some good photos. Only downside is our notebook screen is quite small so we can't appreciate them properly at the moment. My favourite to date has been the waterfall with the rainbow effect on a previous post.