Bonne année

Tuesday 1st January 2013
Bonne année / Happy New Year

New Years Eve in Les Carroz started off with an impressive firework display at 8pm which we watched from the chalet balcony with our guests. We carried on working up until about 10.30pm before heading off to join our friends in the 'local' for a quick drink. Dave and I listened to a bit of live music in the square (it was very cold standing around though!) before returning to our studio to see in the New Year - with 2 party poppers which failed to pop!! 

Revellers were on their way home as we set off for work at 6.30am this morning wishing us a Bonne année and giving us drunken kisses!!

Happy New Year to you all xx


1 comment:

  1. Happy new year to you both! Shame your party poopers didn't work...
    Lots of love and hope 2013 is full of fun and adventure! Sue and Will xx