The writing's on the wall

Wednesday 7 August 2013

In ancient times they painstakingly carved words of wisdom into huge blocks of stone – even accounts of construction costs were recorded in this way.

Such fine inscriptions carved on the temple walls at Delphi
Accounting record of construction costs at Epidaurus
Nowadays the writing is still on the wall….

Or the hull of the shipwreck.....

Or the toilet block.....

Or the warehouse.....

Or the alleyway......

Or the old steam engines....

Or even a poor camper van - like ours but, thankfully, not ours!

But most annoyingly on the road signs….

It’s hard enough to fathom out the Greek alphabet anyway without it being defaced beyond all recognition!


  1. I'm already having to work out how to remove graffiti from the wall in in front of the house in Hydra. Nothing is immune from the menace.

  2. I don't envy you that task in this heat! Is it a better class of graffiti there?

  3. Anything within arms length is fair game!