A colourful journey

Friday 30 August 2013

I tried very hard to whittle down our 7500 photos to end up with the 'best of' for the last post of our travel blog.........but I had 60 just from Greece so that was never going to work. 

One of my favourite photos was the rainbow created by the spray from the waterfall near Sallanches in France. So with that in mind here is a selection of photos from our trip that hopefully span the colour spectrum...

Chillies - Hungary

Poppies around the Anzac War Grave Cemeteries

Greek sunset

Masks in Venice

Sunflower in northern Greece

Bosnian plains

European lizard in Serbia
Olu Deniz - Fethiye, Turkey

Kravice waterfall - Bosnia

Turkish thistle - Palamut

Brighton Royal Pavilion
Gondola in Venice
And here a few multi-coloured selections...........

Rooftop tiles in Sighisoara, Romania

Romanian currency

Macaroons in Thonon Les Bains

Padlocks on Romeo & Juliet's balcony, Verona

Greek fishing nets

Sweets in Annecy

Thanks for joining us on the journey and we hope you have enjoyed sharing our adventures.

Sarsala Bay, Turkey

Mostar bridge, Bosnia

What next?... well we are off to London next week, Dave has work sorted, I'm still looking. The van is up for sale, the tan is starting to fade but the memories will be with us forever.


  1. Fantastic pictures Kath . The TImes was running travel photo competitions. If it's still on, you musy enter your pictures.

    1. Thanks Annie - I still need to find a large computer screen to view them critically. Sorting out the 'best of' is taking a lot longer than I anticipated! Where are you now...missing your posts!