Homeward bound

Thursday 8 August 2013

By the time this post pops up (hopefully) automatically we will definitely be on our way home. We sat down and 'did the maths' the other day and there didn't seem to be much cost difference  between driving through Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia or taking the ferry from Greece to Italy. 

So we are booked on the Patra - Trieste ferry leaving at 6pm today. It's a long trip, about 30 hours, so we have taken advantage of their 'Special Offer' which includes a cabin and a meal - not sure if we will get to dine at the Captains table but we'll pack our best clean clobber and try and smooth out the worst of the creases! 

We watched the ferry departing on Monday - very windy but not too rough!

We arrive in Trieste at the unearthly hour of 1.30am on Saturday morning then motor back through Italy, Austria, Germany (possibly Luxembourg) and France before catching the ferry back to the UK. The route home will be a much more direct and quicker affair than our trip out - Dave has work lined up back at Queen Mary, teaching dinghy and windsurfing, in a few weeks time.

Uurgh - grey skies, clouds and cold water!

We can't complain though we have had such a fantastic time, lived the dream and every day reminded ourselves that 'This is the life'.....

So we return to old Blighty to earn some money to hopefully do it all again sometime!  I am going to miss the ever changing view from our 'lounge' window.....

There might be one or two more posts - either on our transit back or from home. Then I'll mothball my blog until the next time we get  'On the road again' ....


  1. Have a safe trip home. You have some wonderful memories and photos to remind you of it all - that one of you both in the tree is absolutely blow-up, frame and on-the-wall worthy! Gorgeous.
    You must feel rather nostalgic already.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing our photos on a big screen rather than the little notebook we've been traveling with or the back screen of the camera. We've had a ball....

  2. Drive home save and sound. I'm going to miss your posts.

    1. I've enjoyed doing the blog although getting internet has been a bit hit and miss at times. I'll keep following yours though xx