Whistlestop tour of Italy

Saturday 2nd - Thursday 7th March 2013

We picked Gareth up from Aix-en-Provence TGV station and set off along the French Riviera, crossing the border into Italy and are now doing a whistle-stop tour of Italy. The weather has been glorious - 18 degrees some days. 

We have driven along the Riviera Di Levante which stretches east from Genoa. What has become very obvious to us in a short time is how difficult it is to stop anywhere with a campervan in Italy. Almost all the car parks have height restrictions or signs excluding campervans so we have often had to drive in and out of towns we really would have liked to stop and wander round. The road clings to the coast and there are very few stopping places. We took quite a detour to visit Riomaggiore one of the Cinque Terre only to find campervans were forbidden to drive down to the village. The photo below is as close as we could get......I'm sure it was lovely close up!

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  1. Lovely photo of the three of you - You all look great.