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Wednesday 27th March 2013

Yesterday was Gran's funeral and, as often happens at these occasions, it's the one time when family members you haven't seen for a while gather to reminisce. People wanted to know where Dave and I have been and what we've been doing and what our plans are, I also got asked what I've missed. No.1 has to be family and friends and having given it a little thought here, in no particular order, are another 3 .....

My bed
I always have been a light sleeper and whilst the van is cosy and well insulated from the cold you hear everything going on outside......dogs barking, church bells chiming, rain tapping and traffic passing. Sleep is quite fitful for me most nights. It was lovely just falling into my bed in Shrewsbury and waking up with my batteries fully recharged the next morning. Back to clambering up the ladder onto my parcel shelf tonight!

Endless supply of hot / cold water
Not being on a water meter in Shrewsbury I have to admit to loving having a long hot shower or bath full to the brim with tons of bubbles. In the van we have to be really careful with water and gas consumption and mindful of being able to get rid of the waste water properly. So showers normally consist of switching it on and off and being really meagre with the water. So if anyone comes out to visit just let us know if we are beginning to smell a little!!

The Internet
I haven't missed the TV or newspapers but you realise how much we rely on the internet these days when you can't just log on when you want or need to. It is a great resource for finding out information and just for keeping in touch with people. How did we ever manage without it - bookcases full of encyclopedias spring to mind. We are going to try to tether the laptop through Dave's smartphone on O2 Travel for £2 a day for 25MB rather than hoping to find free Wi-Fi in Cafe's or Tourist Information Office. Keep your fingers crossed it works as we head out towards Eastern Europe. If it all goes quiet you'll know that plan hasn't worked.....

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