Italian Lakes

Friday 8th – Monday 11th March 2013

We were very lucky most days to enjoy warm sunny weather as we drove around the lakes of Northern Italy, although Lake Garda seemed to create it’s own weather system at times with low mist rolling in very quickly.

Each lake was slightly different, all quite well populated and extremely picturesque. There seem to be very few foreign tourists about at the moment and the whole area is slowly starting to gear up for the season which presumably kicks off at Easter.

On Tuesday we will take a ferry across the middle of Lake Maggiore and we plan to head for the Simplon Pass which climbs up to an altitude of 2005 meters as it enters Switzerland. Having checked the weather online it looks settled and the pass is open all year except in really snowy conditions. We will then travel along the southern side of Lake Geneva back into France to pick up Owen at the weekend.

Torri del Benaco on Lake Garda

Lake d'Iseo

Lake Como

Lake Maggiore

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