Bah Humbug.....


Time flies by....I can't believe my last blog was in February before we took possession of the 'beast'. It's now mid-June.....

Dave has been in London for nearly 3 months working at Queen Mary Sailing Club and he is loving it. He's added a Multihull qualification to his name and is hoping he might get a windsurfing certificate too. Technology has moved on since he first took up the sport on the Dovey estuary back in the 70's and how his new work mates laugh when he talks about the 'old days' - most of them are still only in their twenties though!

We had one trip away in the van in April - a whistle-stop trip to the Peak District, North Yorkshire Moors and the Lake District. One night was spent in the field of The Royal Oak, a lovely friendly pub with camping, not far from Buxton. The morning after a night of heavy rain saw us needing a push out of the muddy ground - it's a real lump to push! Our second night was an altogether different affair - a beautifully maintained site, with excellent pitches called Doe Park which is near Bernard Castle and a bargain at £14.80 a night all incl. Glorious sunset, amazing clear open stary skies and another very friendly local pub. Less said about our night in the Lake District the better, all the sites we tried were either closed (due to open the day before the lucrative Easter holiday fortnight) or way over our budget. We ended up in a layby with 2 lorries for company - our first wild camping experience! Wasn't that 'wild' though as we were only just off a busy A road.

Dave is living in the van down in London and has found a lovely campsite a short cycle ride from the Sailing Club. I joined him down there for the long 4 day Jubilee weekend and we explored the local area as well as venturing up into the city to watch the pageant on the Thames. Dave enjoyed watching the historic boats go by and just about tolerated the Diamond Jubilee celebrations  .... bah humbug!!

We didn't win the best dressed van on the site competition!!

I'm sussing things out for our departure in the winter - looking at work opportunities and trying to plan some kind of vague itinerary. It's a fine balance between the desire to enjoy the freedom of the travelling and the need to fund part of it. In a week the lads will be home from university for the summer and I'm wondering / worrying where all their 'stuff' will go. Our little terraced house in Shrewsbury is full now including the attic and shed!


  1. Hi Kath, Can't wait till you are on the road. We will have to drive up and meet you in a few European destinations and have some Famous Five moments. We've got room for a tent.

  2. Hope you have the Ginger Beer recipe perfected by then!!