Countdown begins.....


I'm new to blogging - last time we went travelling for an extended period BC (before children) I religiously filled in a paper diary every day of our trip to Australia and New Zealand. I came across my diaries recently and they made for interesting reading - especially the part when we found out I was pregnant - that little unexpected 'finding' on our trip turns 21 in a few weeks time. It seems like such a long time ago and so, while we are still young enough to enjoy the experience, we've decided to set off again on our travels.

We've been formulating our plan for some time now knowing that once both the lads had left home  we would be able to downsize, selling our 3 bed detached and buy something slightly smaller to free up some finances to fund our trip. We may have taken it a little far when we fell in love with a tiny 2 bedroomed mid-terraced house built at the turn of the century (1900 not 2000!). People kept telling us that your 'children' keep coming back - well yes they do but we don't want to make it too comfortable for them!

Career changes, gaining new skills and learning useful languages are also part of the plan and some progress has been made in that direction. More on that in the weeks and months to come.

And the final part of the plan was finding the right van for our travels.We were expecting this to take some time while we scoured the internet and traipsed around cold wet forecourts looking for a van with the right layout  at the right price in the right condition. However last week we found one that ticked all the boxes and made the somewhat rash decision to put down a deposit. We'll pick it up in March when the mechanical and habitation (we need to learn this campervan lingo) checks have been done. Time to start planning the trip, the countdown to November begins........

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