'Drum Bun' - Have a nice trip

Monday 29th April 2013

As you drive out of every town and village in Romania there is a signpost wishing you a 'Drum Bun' meaning 'Have a nice trip'...and how we did during our 16 days in the country, covering 1600 miles.  

Having never been to Romania before on our 'transits' through Europe back in the 80's we arrived with no preconceptions and leave wanting to come back and discover more. The landscape, the housing styles, the new and old churches, the people all vary as you travel across the regions of this vast country.

It's hard to pick a small selection from the photographs we took but here's a few with brief descriptions.....
Wide load ahead....
Exterior mural depicting Siege of Constantinople on wall of Moldovita Monastery (dating back to 1537)
New church building going on everywhere - the brasher the better in some cases, gold roof on this one!
Typical roadside houses

Old wooden houses of Northern Romania
Fancy guttering - splash the cash
Bicaz Gorge (with Dave for scale)
Submerged tree stumps in 'Red Lake' - looks green though and was partly frozen when we visited!
Typical hillside in Northern Romania
Danube - forming the border with Serbia
Awful potholed roads - typical of most of the roads we drove on!
Banffy Castle - badly in need of restoration - like the roads!
Beautiful 'wild-camping' overnight stop
We found the Romanian people to be really friendly and extremely hard working. Of a weekend though they like nothing better than to head down to a river, take a picnick and light a fire. They all went back to their cosy homes leaving us in the peace and tranquility of our 'wild-camping' spot on our last night here. We're going to miss Romania....

Dave with a bottle of the local beer and campfire!

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