Accident waiting to happen....

Monday 15th April 2013

The sign below warns that the next 10km is an accident blackspot – that sign could be altered to read ‘next 100km’ or even next ‘500km’. Within ½ hour of entering Romania we had to hit the brakes hard on a handful of occasions. Scary stuff…

Having driven over 5000 miles to date we have found the standard of driving really good – even in Italy! We aren’t the fastest aerodynamic vehicle on the road but other drivers have been very careful when overtaking us and when needed we pull in to let vehicles past. There are very few laybys on Romanian roads though.

In Hungary we saw loads of billboards indicating they had received European Funding although we could never quite work out what it had been spent on – it’s quite obvious here in Romania, it’s going on the road network. A massive project is underway throughout the whole country to build new motorways which must be long overdue as the main roads, and consequently all the traffic including the huge TIR lorries, thunder through the centre of all the towns.

We and one German plated car were the only vehicles we saw sticking to the 50kph speed limit in towns as a convoy of inpatient irritated drivers built up behind us. They overtake with no consideration about the presence of or speed of approaching traffic, often whilst driving through towns and are generally on their mobile. 

Looks like the new roads can’t come soon enough.

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