All creatures great and small (part 2)....

Wednesday 12 June 2013

We've had a lovely couple of days out and about visiting some of the towns and villages on the peninsula including Bodrum and Gumusluk but if the truth be known we have mainly been lazily 'hanging out' at our friends house which is in the middle of nowhere - a really beautiful place and quite remote. Once a day the peace is broken when a 'Jeep-Safari' or 'Quadbike-Safari' passes on a forestry track nearby. For around £35 you can eat the dust kicked up by the vehicle in front of you as part of your 'fun' day out. 

We're not quite sure what, if any, wild creatures they are expecting to see on their 'safari' but around here we've seen squirrels, tortoises, lizards, various bugs, bats, and today - a scorpion!

Last week, on or travels here, we also saw a number of other creatures - some familiar ones, others not so familiar!

Cutest of all the creatures we've 'seen' though has to be the big fluff ball that is Jake!


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  1. Hmm - looks like you're getting a bit soppy over Jake! Don't blame you, he is very cute. Finally beginning to realise that dogs can be lovely??! Safe travels, lots of love Sue and Will x