All creatures great and small

5 May 2013

Either they have all been hiding or we just don't look closely enough but we haven't seen much wildlife on our trip so far. I'm aware most of the photo's uploaded to the blog to date have been of buildings or views.

So here are a few creatures we have come across that might make you go aahhh or ugh.....

Baby donkey - 6 days old at Zasavica Nature Reserve, Serbia

Butterfly at Zasavica Nature Reserve, Serbia
These little red and black bugs are everywhere!
Dog about town in Sibiu, Romania
Scruffy mutt that followed us on a walk up to a church in Romania
Jay in a tree above Lacu Rosu in Romania
We have seen and heard quite a few woodpeckers
 and today's little surprise was......
Snake in a river at Krypa waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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  1. Another scruffy mutt waiting for you to arrive here.