Moving on........

Saturday 23rd February 2013

So we are back on the road again - a little sooner than expected! We've been in the Alps for just under 3 months.

The hours were very long and the work was hard but no worse than we expected. The chalet and workload was big but we introduced a system to ensure all the work was covered and we were assisted by a lovely young Scottish girl who worked between the two chalets. The turnarounds were almost always back to back with new clients often arriving before the previous clients had left! We had great feedback from all our clients, they liked us and they liked the meals and cakes I made. But not everything ran smoothly and we've decided to move on.

On a positive note we have learnt a lot and had a great time, we have had lots of lovely clients, I have learnt to ski (well sort of!) and……...I have lost over a stone in weight (so much for CGB – Chalet Girls Bum).

Watch this space as we set off down the hill for the last time. We are heading first for the south of France to meet up with Gareth, then up to Geneva to spend some time with Owen and then meeting Mum & Sue in April. Can’t wait…..

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  1. Good call - make the most of your holiday! Be great to see you in April, lots of love Sue and Will xx