Breakfast routine - 1

Tuesday 18/12/2012

Our first clients arrive on the 23rd so for the time being we are working 9am - 5pm ish getting the chalet ready. It's a 10 minute walk from our studio apartment to the chalet so we can have quite a leisurely start to the day.

A short 2 minute walk from our studio apartment is a lovely bakery and we seem to have settled into a morning routine of partaking of their delicious croissants.

The bakery has a very tempting display of cakes, biscuits and breads. In order to try and  delay the onset of the dreaded CGB (Chalet Girl's Bum) I shall have to try and avoid temptation for as long as possible. But what harm can one little croissant do?

Warming the croissants up in our little mini-oven.......


  1. I'll wish you a Happy Christmas now as you'll be too busy to appreciate it after the 23rd.

  2. Noeliniz kutlu olsun - with love to you all, Dave & Kath xx

  3. Ha, enjoy those croissants while you can! Hope all goes well with your first guests - I'm sure it'll be fab. Lots of love sue and will xxx

  4. Hi both, happy xmas,glad everything going well, the photo's look great. Hope you can enjoy your surroundings in your spare time. Good luck with your guests, I am sure it will go well. Love Julie & Trevor xxx