Campervan track day?

Saturday 24/11/12
Le Mans

Another day....another car museum. Being the only female in the family I am a long standing sufferer of having to visit every manner of transport museum wherever we are in the world. So we couldn't drive past Le Mans without visiting the 24 hour circuit museum could we! 

On arrival we missed the signs for the museum and drove straight up to the track entry barrier - visions of us doing a few laps of the circuit flashed in and quickly out of my head as I shouted to Dave to reverse before we were committed to go through the barrier. Has a campervan ever been round the track - other than on Top Gear - I wonder?

The museum houses a range of new and old vehicles - poor Dave, he needs Owen with him to have someone who really appreciates all the finer details of leaf spring suspensions, two speed belt drives and steam powered motorbikes.


  1. You should have really absorbed the technical details by osmosis by now.