One year on ....

Saturday 26/7/2104

A year ago today we were in Greece spending the weekend parked up alongside shipwreck beach near Gythio. We were planning our route back to the UK and wondering what 'direction' we would be heading in next.

Link to post about Shipwreck beach

Much as we would have loved to carry on traveling the money was running out and we needed to get earning again. Once back in the UK Dave began working for Queen Mary Sailing Club teaching dinghy, windsurf and power-boating again. I started temping for an estate agents - a two week contract that lasted two months. Over the winter we both worked for Sail & Ski - a small independent shop in Shrewsbury, Dave on the shop floor selling and me in the back office dealing with internet orders. It was an interesting few months!!

In the new year we broke all ties with our campervan life when we sold the van and bought an MG sports car - talk about going from one extreme to the other! We put the van on Ebay with a 'Best Offer' and within 36 hours it was sold and being driven away by a lovely couple who were upgrading from an older Autoroller model. They were delighted with it and had plans to take it abroad - although we gathered France was as far as they were venturing. When we have saved up enough for our next trip we'll buy another van but in the meantime we couldn't have chosen a better car for the fantastic weather we're enjoying in the UK this year....

We have been living a bit of a nomadic life since moving down to London, spending part of it with Sue and Will in Surbiton and part of it looking after some friends house in Laleham, overlooking the Thames. I've lost count of the number of BBQ's we've had out in the garden watching the world float by in all manner of craft. Next month we re-join the rat-race and start renting a flat in Weybridge, Owen will be living with us as he starts a short term intern placement within a Graphic Design studio in central London.

Jobs-wise I spent some time working for Surrey Council in a temporary role and am now at Kingston Hospital on a fixed term contract for 1 year. In September I want to enrol on a Level 3 NVQ Patisserie and Confectionery course in Richmond College which will hopefully enable me to head off in another career direction. It's something I've always wanted to do and maybe take my hobby/passion to another level. I've always enjoyed cake decorating and earlier this year I made one for some friends in the shape of their VW campervan!
Link to Kath's cake blog - VW cake post
So as you see there's no getting away from campervans, you see them everywhere - out on the roads heading off on adventures or parked up on driveways, and part of me wishes we were still on the beach in Greece without a care in the world!

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